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Day 2: Endorphins Abound

I was excited for Day 2. I knew that as long as I made it until 7 p.m. (CrossFit) I’d be golden. That was my motivation to get through this dreary, rainy day.

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s chicken apple sausage (probably too high in sugar, but these are reserved for no-time-to-cook-and-out-of-yogurt days) and an apple and a few almonds

Lunch: Huge homemade salad again, filled with: cucumbers, onions, carrots, yellow pepper, egg, and 3 very exciting additions– roasted butternut squash, 1/2 avocado, and unsalted pistachios

This took ~15 minutes to prepare. (not including the butternut squash cook time!) And it was so worth it.

Afternoon snack: banana and a handful of raspberries & blackberries

And then came CrossFit– and the endorphins! And since you asked about the workout…We had a really good warm-up (rowing, squats, stairs, push-ups, 1-legged box jumps, pull-ups) followed by deadlifts for strength and an intense 8-minute WOD with kettle bells. Never going 4 days without CrossFit again.

Dinner: I actually spent a lot more time cooking this than I had planned… mostly because I have not cooked chicken in a while, and it was so thick I had to take it off the pan and cut it in half so that the whole thing would cook. Raw chicken freaks me out but I handled it pretty well (literally). I cooked it with sweet onions in olive oil and seasoned it with a little cajun seasoning. I should probably find a salt-free seasoning but this will do for now. For the side, I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower… which would have been a lot easier to do in the microwavable bag it comes in…. IF I had a microwave. But hey, the cavemen didn’t have microwaves, right?

Finally getting the chicken to cook through all the way. I need to work on my cooking patience.

Why yes, this smelled and tasted as good as it looks

I had enough for leftovers which is always VERY exciting. Now the big decision– do I eat it for lunch or dinner tomorrow? I ran out of spinach salad so I’ll figure it out in the morning. Cavewoman needs sleep.

I enjoyed a glass of almond milk (unsweetened vanilla) after dinner- I could drink this stuff all day.


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  1. GO Yankees! This makes me very hungry! Remind me to tell you about the NYT recipes…


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