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Days 6 and 7: Cherry Blossoms and Cheating

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This is going to be a 2-in-1 post so I can fill you in on the events and eats of the past 48 hours…

Since you are probably wondering what the cheating is about, I’ll just confess up front! Saturday was a cheat day—not terrible, but a few drinks and one meal later, I was not as Paleo as I would have liked. All in all, it was worth it. I went to Sakura Matsuri – the Japanese Cherry Blossom Street Festival. The main attraction for me was the Sake tasting. I’ve only had it once in Japan (when I couldn’t appreciate it) and once at a restaurant with friends (when we had no idea which one to order and ended up having to water it down it was so strong!) so I really needed a cultured Sake experience.

Sake "experts" (They only had a 30 minute orientation, but at least they were friendly!)

Unfiltered sake... not my fav

The sake was tasty! I really liked most of them; actually, the cheaper ones were better than the more expensive ones. Sake is probably the most un-paleo of alcoholic beverages, since it’s made from rice and sugar…But alas, it was in the spirit of the Cherry Blossom Festival! I definitely needed some grub after all that Sake (6 shot glasses total), and I really didn’t want to eat any of the fried rice or lo mein being sold, so I went for the next best thing– chicken on a stick! (Teriyaki glaze is not Paleo in case you were wondering.)

Chicken on a stick never tasted so good!

After walking around the Tidal Basin and being saddened by the lack of pink cherry blossoms that I am used to seeing, I decided that sushi was the only option for dinner– of course to continue honoring the cherry blossoms. (Sorry there are no pictures of the beautiful sushi rolls I ate, but I didn’t need another reminder of how much I LOVE sushi and could eat them every day of my life.)

Cloudy day and almost-dead cherry blossoms, but still lovin the view of the Jefferson

I actually had very little guilt about cheating all day on Saturday. Go me! I knew I could get right back into Paleo on Sunday, and sure enough I did. I decided to be adventurous and cook some kale chips, since I’ve read lots of recipes for them on Paleo blogs. The recipe I followed the closest came from CrossFit Genius, a gym based in Alabama. I flavored the chips with garlic powder and a little bit of chile powder, but I think I overcooked them, or had the heat too high. It was a decent first attempt.

What does one do with a forest of kale?

Kale chips, fresh outta the oven! Now if only they had tasted as good as they looked...

Despite me not loving the flavor (or texture) of these “chips,” I polished off all of them after they cooled. It was a good snack, but I’ll need to experiment again with the recipe.

I also picked up some (expensive!) goodies while I was at Whole Foods. I’ve been looking for coconut oil, and didn’t realize it came in a jar, but I found it on the bottom shelf of all of the oils. Perhaps next time I can find a cheaper one in Safeway. I also got almond meal for a little treat I’m going to attempt to bake tomorrow! 🙂 And lastly, coconut flakes– unsweetened, yet so sweet and yummy! I could snack on this stuff all day. Not pictured-but equally exciting- was the coconut milk I bought. I picked the Thai Coconut brand, and tried a little bit with some berries and nuts after dinner (I pretended it was cereal and I think I convinced myself it was!) I would definitely recommend coconut milk as a sweet drink alone or with fruit- it’s surprisingly creamy but the flavor isn’t overpowering.

Some good buys for my Paleo stash

For dinner (my only true meal of the day since I snacked so much), I made chicken flavored with curry powder. On the side, I sauteed onions and kale (and there is still so much left I don’t know what to do with it). I’m still getting used to the texture of the kale– it was a bit too chewy for me, but the flavor went well with the chicken and onions. Perhaps I only truly like kale in my mom’s kale and white bean soup!

Stay tuned for the almond meal concoction and other great meals this week!


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  1. Cherry blossom festival!? That was so much fun last year!!
    The cherry blossoms in Japan are also blooming and people actually bring huge blue tarps to put on the ground and they have picnics and get drunk. Haven’t done that myself yet due to lack of time but the flowers are so pretty! They do remind me of the ones in DC.
    And sushi… I haven’t had the kind I like since…. I can’t even remember! They don’t often have tempura sushi or eel. 😦 I think this calls for a sushi date ❤
    Glad your cavewoman diet is off to a good start! I love reading about it!
    Miss you tons! Yes, will write email soon, haven't forgotten.

    • A-chan!!! So glad you have been reading 🙂
      Yes the cherry blossoms were not NEARLY as fun without you, and also I saw someone picking the cherry blossoms and felt weird telling them not to do that without my paddles the beaver sweatshirt and hat!

      Please come visit and I will feed you sushi endlessly! Miss you lots! ❤

  2. seems like you have quite a bit of stems there with your kale chips 🙂

    check out the master Jacques Pepin here at 16:15 –

  3. Thanks for the props sweetie!


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