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Day 10: Cereal Cravings

Looks like I spoke too soon about that lack of cravings! I woke up today wanting cereal for breakfast and definitely gave the roomie’s Honey Nut Cheerios (Costco-size box) the dirty look every time I walked by it. Good thing I had one more paleo apple muffin left over so I could at least PRETEND I was eating carbs for breakfast. I also had a banana and a HB egg.

Today’s lunch was a bit different than usual since it was the first day on the paleo challenge that I visited the cafeteria. Now, I LOVE the cafeteria… mostly because of the amazing salad bar. But let it be noted that they also have amazing soup, and it was totally a soup day because of the chilly, wet weather. I knew I should just avoid it but of course I walked by and saw an old favorite- lentil! Gah. I continued to the hot foods section where I saw rotisserie chicken! It looked soo good, especially since I wanted something warm. I knew it would be perfect on top of the salad. It was flavored with salt, pepper, and some brown sugar, but I decided it was worth it… not like it wasn’t doused in it!

My office's cafeteria has the BEST salad bar ever.

That is a large piece of chicken, no way am I gonna eat the whole thing.... Oh wait, what? I didn't leave a single scrap behind?!

Interestingly enough, I could tell that my lunch was saltier than usual based on how my mouth felt even a couple hours later! Good thing I had some raspberries to distract me from afternoon cravings. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad, but I was walking past some cubicles when I overheard just a snippet of a conversation: “…well you better watch out for serial killers…” I had no idea what was really being discussed, but all I could think was serial…. cereal… I WANT CEREAL!!! Yeah, it was that bad. To make matters worse, I was at my desk and heard that perfect noise: *crinkle, tear, air pressure release from snack bag* Followed by *munch crunch munch crunch* I’m telling you these sounds were amplified to me! I knew it could only be one thing… pretzels. Paula indeed confirmed this. And then proceeded to enjoy them for me.

I had a few carrots (I knew if I didn’t crunch on something fast I’d be in trouble) before I left work. I also chewed more gum than usual today, which saved me from going insane, but also made me decide that next week I’m going gum-free! It’s totally hypocritical of me to cut out artificial sweeteners, but to keep chewing gum. So that will be next week’s mini-challenge.

I went to yoga for some good old centering (ack so sore from mon/tues CF!) and then made a pretty quick dinner at home. Chicken sausage with sauteed squash, onion, and spinach. Followed by apple and almond butter. Oh and the usual nuts made an appearance too. I cooked with coconut oil for the first time and it smelled crazy good and made the veggies taste delicious also! I’ll certainly be using it sometimes in place of olive oil.

I dipped the sausage in spicy brown mustard- I figured it was a better choice than ketchup, which has high fructose corn syrup!

Today definitely tested my willpower. I also forgot to mention the advertisement for peanuts I saw on the metro. Sorry peanuts, I have other nuts to crack. Hah! Oh, anddd I saw a commercial for Special K (dark chocolate) after I was full and done eating for the night, but I wasn’t even tempted to compensate by grabbing more nuts. Yes, world, that’s right: I can say NO to cereal… I learned that in D.A.R.E., ya know.


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  1. Hang in there Jaclyn!

    You are 10 days deep, stay strong 🙂

    I am sick, and as I was walking home from training someone this morning at 6:30AM.. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself! I thought… man, all I want is a bagel with peanut butter on it. But I decided to walk on the opposite side of the street that Bruggers is on 😉 and just powered home. Crisis averted… but, I feel your pain.

    We’ll make it 🙂

  2. no gum??? This I gotta see


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