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Day 11: Repeats and Brownies

It’s late and I am tired! My bed time has been getting later and later since I get so distracted when I sit down in bed to blog. So rather than have this be a rambling discombobulated post, I’ll just show you my photo log of meals for the day! Obviously this does not include everything I ate, but you get the gist by now I suppose. I am going to need to start getting creative next week… aka actually using recipes!

No boring salads here! This one had about 7 ingredients.

Im practicing my food arranging skills for when I host a cocktail day.

Resemble yesterday's dinner much? I had to finish the veggies in my fridge: spinach, kale, squash, onion. To change it up I added a little cajun spice.

There should be a warning label on the bag. Coconut is addicting.

Alright so I did mention brownies, right? Don’t worry, I did not EAT any brownies. But my mouth was watering after I read a recipe, so I wanted to share it! (If you are a paleo reader, you should probably stop reading this now.) Here’s a sweet recipe for chocolate chip banana brownies that one of my favorite bloggers just posted! If I can’t make this SOMEONE has to. And then tell me how wonderful it is. I read Daily Garnish almost every day, and it’s probably the reason I wanted to start a blog! She writes about everything from food to life events and also takes amazing food pictures. If only I could blog for a living too!


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  1. Coconut looks nummy! We should have just scraped it off the cake… that would have been something paleo.

  2. Wish I could make those brownies for you!! They look so tasty!


  3. I just read back on some of the posts and noticed Maggie mentioned baba ganoush and I saw a paleo recipe that I was going to make when you come home!!! And yes the ‘sauce’ will be served with LOTS of veggies….


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