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Day 16: A Matzoh-less Passover

Not tooo much to report today, especially since this is post #2 for the day. I fell right back in step with my Paleo foods after some leniency last night…

Breakfast was a mishmash: 1/2 banana, 1 HB egg, cantaloupe, almonds

Lunch was a salad, with a special addition of half an avocado- a perfectly ripe one, too. Barely needed any dressing, so I decided to add some spicy brown mustard to a little dressing and mix that in. Need some variety here and there. Side of the chicken drumstick that was left over from last night– still super tasty. I also had a little broccoli slaw on the side- and just as I suspected, it tastes even better after sitting for a couple days. Notice the Deer Park sparkling orange-flavored water in the background– this stuff is my secret weapon.

Dinner was my leftovers from Sunday- Green Curry Chicken. Still very tasty 🙂

So, today happens to be the first day of Passover. It began last night, and I was kind of sad not to attend a Seder this year. Although I have never kept Passover for 8 days, this year I am unintentionally keeping it by not eating leavened food (aka bread)! So technically, my Paleo Challenge is kind of like a 30-day Pesach… right? Minus the matzoh, which I love. (I probably love it because I was never forced to eat it for 8 days straight.) Egg matzoh, matzoh-ball soup…Don’t get me started. Maybe that’s why I had a craving for macaroons last night. They are kosher for Passover, so hooray for that! I think I might just have to use this recipe I found to make my own. I also found a paleo recipe for cinnamon walnut scones…coming soon! Can you tell I have a bit of a sweet tooth?


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