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Day 18: I think this Paleo thing might be getting easier!

… exciting right? The cravings are subsiding and I never feel SO hungry anymore. It’s kinda cool actually. AND I have only had 1 piece of gum this entire week. Now if only I could have a decent bed time (before 11 p.m. would be lovely). I am an expert procrastinator though. I just finished packing since I’m going home this weekend 🙂 I’m very excited to go back to RBNY– I haven’t been since December! And maybe I can even convince the fam to try eating paleo for a couple days?

Before this post turns to Zzzzz…I naturally have a few pictures to share!

Lunch: salad (boring) with salmon cake (thanks for trading Becky!) and roasted brussels sprouts/ butternut squash!

I have no idea how it took me this long to discover the macro zoom feature on my camera. Get ready for your close-ups food 🙂

Dinner: Chef-prepared Pastured Garlic Lemon Chicken and Broccoli Aglio Olio & a little Moussaka (Lamb and Eggpant finished with Bechamel) with (my) sauteed mushrooms

Sorry this was a lazy post but look out for some more interesting ones this weekend while I am enjoying some true home-cooked paleo meals!


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  1. I hope I can keep you on track with Paleo and enjoy it with you…


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