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Day 19: Home Sweet Home

After a quick (4 hour) train ride, I’m happily home in New York! I’m torn between watching Say Yes to the Dress and blogging… so I’m multi-tasking 🙂

My Friday started off with a Greek yogurt & berries & 1/2 banana- pretty typical. For now I’ve decided the pricey $1.69 Fage is my favorite brand. And then I ventured to Starbucks (I never go unless someone else drags me with them) with my reusable mug for a free tea– since I don’t drink coffee– in honor of Earth Day!

Vanilla Rooibos Tea - perfect without any sweetener

Lunch was a combination of the remaining ingredients I had in my fridge to make a salad– a small yellow pepper, some TJ’s salsa, and reheated roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts, with 2 HB eggs. Since I have already posted about ten pictures of my lunch salads, I thought it was time for a close-up!

Salads = creative projects for me

I had an orange and half a banana in the afternoon to hold me over until dinner. And finally for my long-awaited home-cooked meal! My mom’s turkey meat sauce! This is an old favorite and a comfort food that I always used to request as my “last meal” and “first meal” especially when I was coming home from or leaving for college. Even though I have always had it over spaghetti or penne, I didn’t miss the pasta at all! I had plenty of broccoli and mushrooms to eat it with instead. The recipe is a simple one, but I am convinced there is a secret ingredient in the sauce.

Don't be misled by the Fettuccine writing- no pasta in this bowl!

Broccoli, meet turkey sauce; Turkey sauce, meet broccoli

I finished off dinner with some sweet Passover haroset and a few almonds and dried apricots. It’s so nice to be home and I’m looking forward to some shopping, a haircut, a workout, and of course more paleo meals tomorrow!


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  1. I love the AARP mug, and your mom’s cooking looks fantastic!


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