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Day 21: Back home in DC

Fact: Sunday morning yoga is the best. So my mom and I went over to the awesome studio five minutes from our house to take an Intermediate Vinyassa class- it was hard but fun! Lots of inversions but my body felt all stretched out and relaxed after.

We then had a nice brunch with my Grandma, with lots of fresh fruit, a salad for me, and tuna. I made my own tuna salad, paleo-style! Instead of mayo, I used some dijon mustard and some avocado for creaminess and some celery for crunch. Uh-mazing.

Personally, I think this tasted way better than mayo-based tuna salad!

Is this not the prettiest fruit salad you've ever seen?

The rest of the day was consumed by my trip back to DC, during which I got lots of reading done on the train! I’m hoping to get in bed early so I can wake up at 6 a.m. and jump start my week with CrossFit. Unpacking may have to wait until tomorrow…

Since my Paleo Challenge is winding down (9 days left to be exact!!) please let me know if you want me to write about something specific, besides what I eat and do every day! I am determined to keep blogging after Day 30, but want it to be interesting for my readers.. Suggestions welcome 🙂


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  1. Loved having you home!!! What did you eat for dinner?

  2. I was hoping no one would notice I omitted dinner– it was not very exciting. Banana and carrots on the train at 7, leftover cauliflower mash when I got home at 830, then yogurt with almond butter and apple. and some almonds. it did the trick.


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