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Day 23: In a nutshell

Today was rather busy and I completely failed to take pictures until dinnertime! Probably because I didn’t eat anything super interesting. I decided I’m going to start to transition from talking about my 3 meals each day, to just highlighting great meals or recipes, and then adding my tid-bits. We will see how this blog can evolve after the Paleo challenge is over in SEVEN DAYS(!)

Speaking of 7…. we did a crazy WOD in CF with the number 7. Kinda made my head spin but it was easy to keep track of everything since 7 is an odd number. I am actually getting better at counting and keeping track of reps and rounds in my head during a workout. (Seriously it’s way harder than you’d think!)

For dinner I attempted one of Chef Kwon’s paleo meals but sadly it was the first one I didn’t like- the Reddened Catfish (the fish itself tasted soo salty, but not because salt was added to the dish) with mustard greens (kind of flavorless, and I usually will eat anything that is green). But I tried a second dish and was much happier! The Spicy Mango Lime Shrimp was super tasty and so was the side of sauteed spinach! I made a small portion of zucchini to eat with it.

Shrimp marinated in mango, lime and cilantro and finished a sprinkle of turmeric and cayenne

More thoughtful and thought-provoking (hopefully!) posts coming your way soon. Get excited!! (PS. I guess I’m incapable of talking about things in a nutshell… I’m a rambler at heart… and not the rambler who walks for pleasure in the countryside… or a “climbing rose”??… learning lots of new definitions right now… get my point about rambling?)


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  1. I may try that shrimp recipe on my Halibut tonight!


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