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Day 24: Carrot vs. Cupcake

“Did you ever stop to taste a carrot? Not just eat it, but taste it? You can’t taste the beauty and energy of the earth in a Twinkie.”  ~Astrid Alauda

Baby carrot sticks. 'Nuff said.

As much as I do love carrots (and natural, unaltered, unrefined, real foods)… sometimes you just want a Twinkie… Or, in my case, a cupcake!

Cookies 'N Cream cupcake courtesy of Red Velvet Cupcakery

In celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, someone brought cupcakes to our weekly team meeting– just enough cupcakes for everyone in the room to have one. So, rather than stare at a lone cupcake in the middle of the table, I decided it was okay to indulge in something I haven’t had in almost a month. Was it worth it? You bet. Did I have food guilt before, during, and afterwards? Surprisingly, no! I thoroughly savored every bite, and didn’t feel bad (emotionally or physically) afterwards. (May I add that Oreos were my favorite childhood cookie?) I think it’s important to let yourself indulge sometimes and not completely restrict foods that make you happy. So, there you have it: a major cheat for this 30-day challenge, but one that I’m okay with. 

Lunch: Chef Kwon's Chicken Mole & Cauliflower Rice (with my zucchini) I'd give it an 8 out of 10.

Whole Foods Dinner Part 1

Whole Foods Dinner Part 2

I ventured to the amazing Whole Foods in Friendship Heights for dinner with Lia. If you are contemplating which WF to go to and you live in/ near DC– choose this one every time. It has the best selection, best layout, best eating area, and most efficient check-out lines EVER. I won’t even attempt to list all the wonderful foods I ate, but my favorites were the grilled vegetables and grilled pineapple, and the curry chicken. I was slightly disappointed at how there is canola oil in nearly every dish at the prepared foods bar. I knew I couldn’t avoid it so I didn’t dwell on it. I just focused on my protein and veggies!

Somewhere between the cupcake and the likely salted (or non-Paleo seasoned) dinner, I could tell my taste buds yelling “more! more! more!” I tried to block it out. With some almond milk, an apple, and macadamia nuts/ almonds (why am I always convinced these will do the trick? Note to self: Nuts don’t do the trick!) Why are evening cravings always the worst? Anyways, I think I’m just thirsty now. So I’m drinking lots of water before I go to sleep. I can’t afford to lose sight of why I’m doing this whole thing. I still have 6 more days of the challenge left, and I intend on completing it without falling apart. Full speed ahead!


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  1. It all looks pretty good today, but you know what my favorite thing would be!!!


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