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Days 26 & 27: Grillin It Up, Paleo Style!

Sorry I fell behind on my updates this weekend! Not to worry, as I have taken many pictures so get ready for a mouth-watering read…

Day 26: Friday Funday! Well, it was actually workday- a busy one. But I had an exciting lunch adventure planned with Paula to break up the day. We ventured to Merzi on 7th Street, a contemporary Indian-inspired order-at-the-counter restaurant. It’s seriously the new craze, and better than Chipotle in my opinion… I know, bold statement. But you must try it. I don’t even like Indian food and it’s SO tasty, you can pick everything that goes into your dish, and it’s fresh & healthy too! I chose a salad base with grilled chicken and onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a mild chutney. Essentially paleo, but a little high in sodium.

Merzi: The Indian version of Chipotle

Flavor you can taste AND see 🙂

Friday night only brought more tasty food and baking adventures too! My CrossFit friends had me over for dinner, so lucky me did not have to cook 🙂 Becky & Mike made Balsamic Chicken with Tomatoes (definitely stealing this recipe) and Broccoli & Asparagus with lemon and olive oil.

Totally awesome dinner. Please start a restaurant.

After dinner, it was time for attempt #2 of Paleo baking! We decided to be ambitious and bake two kinds of muffins. We halved the recipes so it would be easier. I used a recipe from the CrossFit Albany blog for Paleo Pumpkin muffins. They were moister and more flavorful than the Paleo Apple Muffins I made a couple weeks ago.

Paleo pumpkin muffins pre-baking

Becky chose to make Carrot Cake (muffins), and ambitiously grated baby carrots in a blender. Everything was looking good until we mixed all the ingredients together and the batter was completely dry– whoops! We determined that there was WAY too much coconut flour (since we had substituted it for almond flour), but we managed to plop them into the muffin tin and attempted to bake them anyways!

Paleo carrot cake batter... probably should rename this coconut flour cake!

Sad that the carrot cake is probably not going to bake very well... but we tried anyways!

There was also some leftover carrot cake batter so we attempted to moisten it with some applesauce and pumpkin. I thought everything tasted great! Yes, the carrot muffins were a bit dry, but still a good attempt. Lesson learned: when substituting coconut flour for almond flour, use MUCH less than it calls for.

Dry carrot cake batter + pumpkin and applesauce = carrot pumpkin bars!

Day 27 started out with CrossFit, and a perfect day to be outside! (Shout out to Sarah for her first CF class! She may have kicked my butt.)

After CrossFit, it was time to GRILL. Our Paleo BBQ was filled with a TON of delicious food. Are you ready for this? Burgers, Chicken skewers with peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, pineapple, BBQ Pulled Pork, 2 salads, AND baked goods.

Showing off the pretty skewers we made

All ready to get grillin'

Maggie's fab salads: Strawberry Watermelon Salad with Taragon and Balsamic & Apple Coleslaw with yogurt dressing


Grilled to perfection

No Paleo BBQ is complete without Becky's insanely rich Paleo Chocolate Cake 🙂

I couldn’t have asked for better weather, company, or food! So far, a wonderful weekend. Only 3 more days left in the challenge… (and I already have my first non-Paleo meal planned…Sushi, duh.) BUT, I still intend to keep it up when I’m cooking for myself. After all, I have my new cookbook to keep me occupied 🙂

Everyday Paleo


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  1. Best paleo BBQ! Yay recipes that scale Coconut flour appropriately. Or we can bake in an almond friendly kitchen. PS Mike would love to open a restaurant if he thought it would be lucrative. We love eating food, watching people cook, smelling food… The other senses with food.

  2. So much great food in 2 days…I’ll take that cake!


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