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Day 28: Raspberry Cloud 9

I started off my day with a nice morning swim! (sore arms much?…perhaps from 100+ push-ups yesterday?) That was followed by an outing with Lia which included a delicious salad from Jetties. We took our lunch to the waterfront in Georgetown and enjoyed being outside despite the cloudy skies.

Salad with fresh carved turkey, avocado, roasted red peppers, grapes

After some shopping, we decided it was necessary to head to Baked & Wired to try their newest cupcake! I know, I know, my non-Paleo alarm was going off. However, this was deemed a special occasion since it was the last time (for a while) that Lia will be eating a cupcake in DC. And since these are the BEST cupcakes (on the planet) I decided to put my stringency aside and enjoy something sweet 🙂

Perfect to split with a friend: Raspberry Cloud Cupcake! (lemon cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting)

Obviously it was well worth it. I think these last few days on the Paleo Challenge are teaching me that I can indulge a little and then get back on track without feeling guilty. (But seriously no more cupcakes for at least a week…)


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  1. Thanks for sharing a cupcake with me!! 🙂 Even though it’s my last one for a while… 😦 Maybe we can have them in CA sometime soon?

  2. I remember the bike! We (I) had way more cupcakes last time I was there with you!!!


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