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Day 29: A Case of the Mondays

Becky, myself, Sam & Hector doing "Fran"

Wondering what (or who) Fran is? She sucks. It’s a 21-15-9 sequence of thrusters and pull-ups. Here’s a video of what Fran is supposed to look like:

I scaled the weight from 65# (Rx’ed) to 45# and used a band for the pull-ups. My time was 6:44. Take that, Fran! Will I be able to lift my arms tomorrow? Nope. 🙂

CrossFit was sad today since Maggie, our trainer, announced she is moving to FL (and it was was my last class with her). Someone will replace her but they will have large shoes to fill. She made CF amazing and I know I will miss her! (Maggie, maybe you can video skype into class??)

My Monday only went downhill from there… the Paleo meals hadn’t been delivered to the gym yet, and I missed my bus (actually the latter happens every Monday). I think it was just one of those days. Normally, on a day like that, I become an emotional eater of sorts. Someone must have known I was having a shitty Monday because there was BAD food in the kitchen… cookies, among other things like pasta and croissants… but I didn’t have any of it. I came this far and I’ve had a few cheats recently, but I wanted to stay strong for my last two days of the Paleo Challenge.

So, I survived this Monday, and it ended up not being completely terrible. On the bright side I have some fun things to look forward to this week, like a dinner with three of my loves who are graduating this weekend, then a nail salon/ sushi date with my little, and a weekend trip to Orlando for my cousin’s graduation. Just because Paleo is ending tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll stop taking pictures of my food. Get ready for a busy week!


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  1. I am going to miss your daily food and life updates. Are you going to continue the blog to some extent?

    And can I tag along for the big/little nail date?!?

  2. I like the idea of skyping in… haha.

    I am gonna miss you guys!


  3. And next time we do RX! (And maybe we will be able to do pullups. That would be good.)

    YAY Skype idea. Great minds thinking the same.

    I am still so proud of you. I wish I was as strong. I ate the bribery and regretted it. Stupid Danish.

  4. I guess the surprise is out if your cousin is reading this! I gotta meet this ‘Fran’. Learning to say no is a big big lesson from this challenge and you done it over 95% of the time…kudos to you!


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