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I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend! I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking for this post…

The first few pictures below are from the Italian dinner on Saturday night, yet another graduation celebration meal. If you are near Orlando/Longwood, I highly recommend Enzo’s! This was the first time I had (fresh!) bread and pasta in one sitting since before the Paleo Challenge- and it was incredible. Yet, as you can imagine, I felt SO full afterwards. But the meal was delicious, and I got to taste a little of everything. The family time was of course really special and fun as well.

Starting with some antipasti - this was one of at least 6 plates that got passed around the table

More antipasti- veggies! So far this meal is looking pretty Paleo, eh?

The main course! Homemade fettucine with seafood (And this was only a half portion, since I split it with my cousin.

Family pic in front of the restaurant

Back in DC, I had dinner plans tonight with Sarah, who is a relatively new Glover Park resident! So we went to Bourbon, a cute restaurant with outdoor seating. I really wish I could have ordered about 5 different things on the menu.. But I was SO glad I chose Grandma King’s Crab Cake Sandwich. I looove crab cakes, and haven’t had one in quite a while.

The buttered white (cringe) bread reminded me of grilled cheese. I honestly cannot remember the last time I ate white sandwich bread. Oh well!

Perfection: warm, delicate crab cake

Although dinner was certainly not Paleo, I happened to eat completely Paleo for the earlier part of the day! Meals like this are considered a rare occurrence so I let myself indulge. I’m looking forward to more warm evenings when I can enjoy friends and meals in my neighborhood- some of which will even be Paleo!


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  1. Orlando was a great family and food experience for all!

  2. That pasta looks super yummy!!


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