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I’m back… and so is the Farmer’s Market!

It’s definitely been too long since I’ve last posted- sorry for leaving you hanging! I’m determined to keep this blog alive and interesting, and I just didn’t have any good material to post this week. I didn’t cook a lot, and there was a day where I majorly overdid the bread/grains intake. I’ve decided that I really do feel a lot better when I’m eating Paleo– especially in the week after the challenge ended when I was not sticking with it very much. So, I’m really trying to commit to 70% Paleo, especially during the week. But, of course I can’t go more than a day or two without some sweets… And what better way to celebrate a Friday than with an authentic French macaroon from Paul?

Although these may look the size of a big mac... they're actually smaller than a golf ball!

Today I was super excited to go to the Glover Park-Burleith Farmer’s Market! It opened for the season last weekend, so this was the first weekend I could go. It’s fairly small, but it’s always filled with friendly people, families with kids and dogs, and lots of fresh, delicious food!

Yummy tomatoes

A good turnout for a cloudy day

A new addition to the Market - mini petting zoo!

Not sure who was cuter... the baby sheep or the ginger boy

No GP Farmer's Market is complete without Bluegrass musicians

I bought about $20 worth of goodies- including mini cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, and a half dozen eggs– all from local farms. I have already had some spinach and eggs- 2 thumbs up! I was also eyeing the fresh flowers and the various types of beets. Putting those on the list for next week!

Since it’s the weekend, maybe you had time to read the NY Times… if not, you should definitely check out this article I found through Twitter (since clearly I don’t have time to read a whole newspaper, but wish I did) It’s all about our wonderful (insert sarcasm) food industry- and how “functional foods” are really just the result of food marketing that everyone, at some point or another, has fallen victim to. I am becoming more and more interested with this subject and how some well known authors/educators (Pollan, Nestle, Bittman) are trying to change the way we think about and eat food. If only I had the time to read up on this stuff. But start with this article and let me know if you have any recommendations for places to start… I’m hoping to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma soon.  Foods With Health Benefits, or So They Say 

And even though I may have neglected my blog this week, I didn’t neglect CrossFit. I went to class four days, and was pushed harder each time. I think I had actually missed being sore every day! There were a few awesome/terrible workouts this week, including 100 burpees for time (improved my time by over 5 minutes from 3 months ago!) and Friday Night Massacre, in honor of Friday the 13th… don’t worry, there were no casualties.

Imperfect form, but practicing the snatch balance


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  1. WE HAD PAUL IN LONDON! Thats so exciting. As is the farmers market. Also, please dont ever stop your blog, its how I know about your life between major updates. Miss you, Big! ❤

  2. I will have to check out the Rye Farmers market soon! They usually have a wine tasting vendor and lots of other freebies.


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