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Birthdays, BBQ, Baltimore, Biking

(Why yes, I do enjoy alliterations.)

This was a busy but lovely weekend! I got to help my roomie celebrate her birthday, enjoy a delicious BBQ, spend time with my oldest friend in the Inner Harbor, and ride a bike on the streets of DC for the first time in preparation for Bike to Work Day!

Saturday was filled with birthday celebrations: We had some tasty grilled food during the day and visited one of our fav GP bars in the evening– despite the torrential downpour, snake and rat that tried to stop us!

Grillmaster Jon tending to the veggies

Yums: zucchini, squash, and buttered whole onions!

On Sunday I went to Baltimore to see Jen, since she is moving to NYC for grad school! We enjoyed lunch outside and walked around the Inner Harbor. Special shout-out to this girl for being a faithful blog reader 🙂

Friends since age 7!

I ended the weekend with a much needed home cooked Paleo dinner for myself! I made sure to cook enough for leftovers because I knew it would be sooooo good.

Balsamic chicken and onions (thanks for the inspiration, Becky!) over salad with avocado and side of roasted asparagus!

It's not a birthday unless there are cupcakes involved. Happy Birthday Adela!


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  1. i think those Gugelhuph cupcakes look awesome!


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