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Chipotle. ’nuff said! A new one just opened in Glover Park, and naturally, it was essential to try it! I’ve never been a HUGE Chipotle fan like most people I know, but I was excited to try their chicken for the first time, and to order a “Paleo” meal there, if you will. It was SO yummy. Everything actually tasted so fresh! I ordered a salad with lots of veggies (peppers/onions) and the mild salsa and of course a scoop of guac on top.

This picture makes it look like the guacamole took up half the salad... well maybe it kinda did

I have LOTS of great weekend plans since my bff Rebecca is coming to visit– of course most of our plans involve eating 🙂 So be sure to check back during the weekend for some good restaurant reviews and food pictures!


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  1. AAAAAHHH I wish I could be there!!

  2. I request a Chipotle date once I’m back in the district pleasee


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