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Summertime in DC


Me and Biggy at the Nats game

I’m back! Yes, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted… but blogging takes a back seat when I have out of town guests 🙂 This weekend my BIG was in DC for a wedding and I was lucky enough to spend almost a full 24 hours with her. I have not seen Kim in almost 2 years so this was a long overdue visit! We spent Friday night catching up and grabbing dinner at Surfside, then on Saturday we met up with her sister to visit the Fenton Street Market and went to a Nationals game.

(New?) baseballs outside Nats Stadium that remind me of the Bean in Chicago!

Bunless chicken sandwich ... stadium food CAN be Paleo 🙂

Saturday night Sarah and I got to have some quality bonding time, involving a Whole Foods dinner and some drinks at our fav neighborhood bar.

Love the many options at WF!

In the morning, we were craving a tasty breakfast… so we ended up going back to WF! So convenient, even if it is overpriced. I picked out a scone (could. not. resist.) and we headed back to Sarah’s apartment to make some fresh scrambled eggs.

Vegan Walnut Oat Scone - highly recommended!

The other 3/4 of my amazing breakfast. (note: this meal kept me going until 5pm!)

And to finish off my Memorial Day weekend, I’m en route to Houston for a work trip! Currently, I’m parked on the floor in the Charlotte Airport, waiting for my connecting flight. It’s definitely lunch time and I’m hoping to find a good salad at California Pizza Kitchen… I just need something to tide me over until a very yummy Mexican dinner with a friend who I haven’t seen in 2 and a half years! Texas here I come…….


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  1. Enjoy your first visit to Texas!


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