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Howdy, Houston!

Not gonna lie, I’m slightly disappointed that no one has said “Howdy” to me yet…. maybe I’m not in the right part of Texas… or maybe I just buy into stereotypes too easily. Either way, I’m happy to say that my first visit to The Lone Star State has not disappointed. I’m staying in a nice retail area in downtown (?) Houston – the Galleria Area. I was lucky enough to have a Houston resident pick a fabulous Mexican restaurant for dinner. Hilary and I met on Birthright in December ’08, and were finally reunited last night!

Escalante's - Amazing Mexican food. (ignore the boys in the background who attempted to ruin our pic)

Fresh chips and salsa = the perfect way to start off a Mexican dinner

(strong) margaritas: check.

I ordered the chicken fajita plate - so well prepared and pretty healthy!

The side of grilled vegetables. Love the simple preparation.

After dinner we walked around, did some window shopping (and some real shopping, maybe in Anthropologie) and then we stumbled upon… *drum roll please* SPRINKLES! Now, there is a Sprinkles in DC, and obviously Baked & Wired will always be my favorite cupcake shop… but I have had a Sprinkles cupcake and it was very tasty- maybe because it was free- but I could not resist showing Hilary the adorable cupcakes they offer. Not to mention, Sprinkles claims to be the first cupcake bakery in the world! Pretty impressive.

We are pros at asking random strangers to take our picture 😉 PS. Notice anything cool in the reflection? Yeah, totally didn't picture Houston having palm trees- making it even more awesome!

It was the end of the day, so the cupcake supply was dwindling, but we still picked delicious flavors. Hilary chose red velvet and I chose....

VANILLA VANILLA. Yes, really. Even though I love trying new flavors, I will always return to this as a classic favorite.

My taste buds were pretty happy after the good eats. And I hit the gym this morning so I wouldn’t feel too guilty about it! As a side note, Hilary has a blog too and you should all check it out because she is awesome and gives her opinions about all sorts of fun stuff and trends!

Also, fun fact: the street signs in this area of Houston are really different from anything I’ve seen! Neat architecture. But even though the traffic lights are on these awesome, shiny, steel poles the city is not very pedestrian-friendly. Cross at your own risk!

Totally cool and modern street sign on Richmond Ave - literally a huge silver halo

So, I’m heading back to DC tomorrow but I wish I could have seen more of this city and state! I’m sure I’ll be back some day… I’ve always wanted to visit Austin, too… adding it to The List.


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