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“Limits are for people who have them”

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about CrossFit on the blog… kinda unacceptable, or else I might have to change the name of my blog!

I feel like in general, I haven’t been pushing myself to (and beyond) my limits. Maybe it has to do with some inconsistency in the workouts… but I won’t get into excuses. Ultimately I know that I haven’t been mentally 100% which always means that I cannot be physically 100%. I’ve always been known to be pretty hard on myself but I just know that I can do better. In terms of CrossFit and equally as important, in terms of nutrition. It’s been a struggle for me to re-establish a Paleo eating lifestyle. I’ll do it perfectly for breakfast and lunch…. but then I won’t even hold steady for 24 hours. I know it’s all in my head… just like the workouts. Every day, I tell myself, “I will eat clean today” and somehow I slip and I know that’s okay, to not eat perfectly. But I want so badly to be able to have that self-control (the kind I had during the 30-day challenge) and see the effects at the gym as well. Okay, I could keep ranting about this for a while. But I do have some positive stuff to share too!

There was at least one day at the gym this week that I really proved to myself I could break through the limits I had in my head. After a tough WOD of burpees and thrusters, we had to establish our max heigh box jump. The last time I did that was January 8th… and the highest box I could jump on at the time was the 20” box with a 25 lb. plate on top- so roughly 21-22″. Not terrible for a CF beginner… this was right when foundations was starting!

About to jump-- back in January!

This time around, with the help of our awesome CF instructor subbing for Graham, I was able to jump on the 24″ box– with a 45 lb. plate– making the total heigh around 27 inches! Woot! I cannot believe how long it took me to actually jump, though. I kept psyching myself out and walking away from the box, and then I’d go for it, but only halfway, and I would catch myself with my hands, or worse, scrape the box with my shins!

This picture just doesn't do the bruises justice-- they are much prettier in person!

I had pretty much convinced myself I wouldn’t be able to jump on the 27″… even though I was SO close, and had cleared the one right before it, which was only about 1 inch lower! So, I had to start at the baby (12″) box, and work my way back up. On about the 30th attempt, after many encouraging comments (“Don’t think about it, just jump!” / “I’m not letting you leave until you jump!”) I pushed my mental limits aside, and just JUMPED! The rush I got when I landed was awesome. Can’t wait to try for a higher one next time…

In other news, I have finally gone to the grocery store to get a TON of produce that I was severely lacking. I honestly cannot remember the last time a made a salad for myself… which I realize is not that exciting. But salads make me happy… especially since I tend to put thought and love into them 🙂 So after I went to the gym this morning I put together a nice little lunch salad!

Salad (red lettuce/ spinach) with grape tomatoes, cucumbers (from the Farmer's market), green pepper, avocado, and shrimp!

I even made the dressing myself-- olive oil, vinegar, spicy brown mustard, lemon juice, and a drop of agave nectar.

I know that I am capable of continuing this lifestyle and I know it will make me feel amazing. I am determined to be a happy foodie, and not limit any particular food (like cupcakes, for example) but I know there is a balance and I am going to get it right eventually… this CrossFit Foodie ain’t quitting any time soon!


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  1. It’s good to have goals and be determined, but don’t beat yourself up about it too much..and enjoy the salads!


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