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Soup Therapy

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about soup– perhaps because I’ve never made it from scratch! Yes, it’s summer, and I usually don’t have the desire to put that much effort into a broth-based meal. However, there were several reasons I felt that soup was necessary: 1) In addition to several other indulgences that make me feel like crap, I ate (too much) pizza on Tuesday (refer to exhibit A)

Exhibit A: This doesn't do the pizza justice-- you must visit Pete's New Haven yourself to discover the amazingness of it.

… don’t worry it was soo worth it- plus, I even got to see Joe Biden! 2) I’m starting to feel the beginnings of a cold; today I was exhausted, couldn’t stop sneezing, and had a sore throat. Instead of crawling into bed after a long day at work like I really wanted to… I took a trip to Whole Foods to kill the cold with some good old fashioned nutrition. I was craving soup– homemade soup. The inspiration started with kale– there is no question about the nutritious benefits of this vegetable. I also got a white onion, carrots (the whole kind!), mushrooms, ginger root and chicken broth. I had some leftover broccoli, canned tomatoes, and chicken at home to add to my concoction.

Loving the whole ingredients!

I know these may seem a little random.. but I wasn’t going for your grandma’s chicken noodle. I could bore you with the recipe… but I didn’t use one 😉 Cooking from my head is my favorite way! I just decided to be adventurous with the spices. I added mostly garlic powder and a little curry powder and pepper. Then some fresh ginger and a dash of salt.

Simmering goodness

I should probably purchase a ladle... now that I can make soup and all

Does anyone have any soup name suggestions? I could probably sell this stuff 🙂

The perfect spoonful.

My taste buds were very happy and I think my body was grateful as well. I needed that home-cooked meal so badly! And I have plenty of leftovers too. Let me know if you want some next time you’re sick and I might just be able to recreate it!


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  1. Looks very yummy, freeze some too!

  2. Soup looks delicious! Is there a vegetarian option? I wantt

  3. Of course there’s a veg option! Substitute vegetable stock/broth (low sodium) for the chicken stock and sub beans of choice (I’d vote white cannellini beans) for the chicken! YUMS!


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