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Paleo Pumpkin Banana Bread.

This was Round #2 on Saturday for the winning banana + pumpkin combination. I had leftover pumpkin and some frozen bananas waiting to be used so I did some googling and then, of course, some improvising to come up with the perfect recipe! This may just be my favorite paleo baked good that I have made so far! Someone needs to take it away from me before I consume the whole loaf…

Om nom nom.

I started with Health-Bent’s recipe for Paleo Banana Bread, but used 2 bananas instead of 3, and added about a cup of pumpkin puree! I also added cinnamon, some nutmeg, and about a teaspoon of raw honey. For the final touch I threw in about 1/2 C. chopped pecans. I cooked the batter for a full 40 minutes, and probably should have left it in the oven (turned off, with the door ajar) for another 5-10 minutes as my grandma has recommended in the past! But alas, I anxiously took it out to cool since the edges were done. The center was a bit soft, and sunk in a little as it cooled. Not to worry though, because it still tasted amazing! It wasn’t overly sweet, but the moisture and flavors were perfect. The center was still a bit gooey, but the edges were cooked just enough to be moist yet solid. So, depending on how you like your banana bread, you would be happy with at least part of it!

I am already planning on making this again! Next time, I am going to bake muffins. At least that way I’ll know how much I’ve eaten 😉

Oh and how could I forget the other baked goods made simultaneously in my kitchen? Becky baked up some fabulously crispy chocolate chip cookies. It’s always good to have something non-paleo to go with my paleo-ness 🙂


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