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Lazy Summer Days (and Nights)

The perfect way to end a relaxing weekend

Well, I’m back! No, I haven’t taken a vacation… but I blame the 2-week blog hiatus on summer 😉 Wonderful, humid, sweet summer. But don’t worry, there has still been plenty of crossfitting and food preparation/consumption.

And lots of what I like to call “picnic-style eating” – rather than big meals, lots of small dishes, shared between friends! Like this lovely spread from Friday evening… It was originally supposed to be eaten at Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, but a torrential downpour put a dent in that plan. So instead, we took it inside, brought out the wine, and had a lovely evening.

I had picked up some fresh fruit at the farmer’s market near my office on Thursday to make a fruit salad. I could (and do) eat fruit at every meal, especially in the summer.

Speaking of farmer’s markets. I also paid a visit to the Glover Park market on Saturday morning. Can’t get enough of their samples, bluegrass music, and produce.

Endless zucchini and squash

And of course… tomatoes. I never seem to buy enough. I could eat one a day. Cannot wait until the day I’m growing these in my backyard.


This week has lots in store… including a highly anticipated evening of food sampling from the best restaurants in Washington DC! Get excited fellow foodies…


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