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A BlogHer Recap

I’m back in DC after a wonderful but exhausting weekend at the BlogHer Conference in San Diego! I returned home with more free stuff than I know what to do with, (and that was after I left half behind) a few new blogger friends, and some great tips and insights about the world of social media and blogging. The exhibit hall was probably the biggest and best I’ve ever seen and had some pretty cool sponsor booths. Highlights included Hallmark’s make-your-own t-shirt booth, the sandcastle builder, the CVS booth with free products, and the endless supply of food samples! (too many of which did not count as food- Jimmy Dean, ew)

Thursday night I wandered around the exhibit hall. It was difficult to take pictures while balancing many bags of STUFF on my arms, but I tried my best!

Garden of sun chips, lays, etc. -- endless samples of Pepsico products distributed by male models, of course

Some "real" food to supplement the samples

BlogHer carved out of Ivory soap

Friday was Day 1 of the conference sessions. As I was walking into breakfast, someone complimented my skirt (thanks Anthro)- and that someone was Kath who writes KathEats – and I just happen to read her blog!  Jess from JessRuns ate with us too. It was so fun meeting other fitness & food bloggers. Especially when Kath started taking pics and posted a blog post by the time we’d finished breakfast– and then my cousin’s gf saw it while she was reading her daily blogs!

Kath & Jess!

The small world phenomenon continued when, at lunch, I happened to sit down at a random table next to Lauren, a crossfitter (and paleo eater!) who writes at Gympressions. Oh and did I mention she also grew up in the 914?

And back to the exhibit hall…

Pepsi can shoe

Statue of Liberty made out of Twizzlers


Money blaster machine game

He makes basically anything out of sand

Hallmark's "Life is a Special Occasion" Booth. My t-shirt said {Making a decision} is a special occasion. (since I am indecisive and couldn't decide how to fill in the blank!)

Healthy make-your-own snack mix in between sessions

Fruit / dried fruit covered in chocolate - not my thing

More chocolately mid-session snacks from Dove. Unfortunately, I happen to fall into the non-chocolate lover category.

Reception on the terrace - and just what I needed, more food!

I'm super awkward when I meet celebs apparently. Bob Harper (looking thrilled) from Biggest Loser at the Quaker Oats booth!!

Interview with PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

Oh, and did I mention the lunchtime Flash Mob (to Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory) that occurred? It was SO cool!!

And now, I shall attempt the feat of falling asleep when my body thinks it’s only 8:30. If that goes over well, I’ll be up at 6 AM for a ridic yet much-needed CrossFit class. Goodnight!


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