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The heart of an athlete…

Hello friends, I’m back! Sorry for the one month blogging hiatus… I suppose life got in the way. Good thing for exciting CrossFit events or else I might not have been motivated enough to post…

Balance Gym's CrossFit Dupont, set up for some FGB-ing

I participated in Fight Gone Bad (FGB) on September 17th. This is the 6th annual FGB global fundraiser and community workout, which raises money for Special Operations Warrior Foundation, CrossFit Kids, and Camp Patriot. Want to make a donation …please? 🙂 Need some inspiration? Watch this.

[The workout consists of 3 rounds with one minute rest between rounds. Each round consists of five different stations for one minute each: wall ball, sumo deadlift high pull, box jump, push press and row. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point. The total amount of points is your Fight Gone Bad score.]

Becky on the push press

AKA “17 minutes of pure grit and dedication in honor of those who have sacrificed their whole lives to service.” It’s also fun, of course! The best part is doing it alongside about 20 other athletes at once and then watching several other heats. Everyone pours all they’ve got into the workout and there is no shortage of constant encouragement, screaming and cheering from onlookers.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (aka longest named movement)

Gotta love a wall ball

Even though I did the scaled version, FGB still made me push myself farther than I typically would. It reminds me why I love CrossFit– yes, even the can’t-breathe, can’t-move, lying-in-a-pool-of-sweat part.

Gene can confirm that this was a true candid.

We survived our first FGB!

Well, do you wanna donate now? Okay, done asking for money 🙂

I promise I’ll work on more consistent blogging. You can even look forward to a post later this week from a different location 😉


The soul of an athlete can change the game.

The heart of an athlete can change the world.


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